Here is one of the most unique Official Postcrossing cards I’ve received, from Russia! Let me start by saying that the sender sent this to me based on reading my profile, so it was really thoughtful! She presented this card at a store and it needed a home (yes I personify postcards… whatchu gonna do ‘bout it?) Boy I love being a postcard foster parent! The sender emphasized the beauty of the blankness and I intend to do the same. Actually, it’s not really that blank any more since it traveled, but because of that, you can see the remarkable journey it went on. Journey aside, the blankness provides an opportunity for imagination. It is the fairground of the fantastical, the metropolis of the mythical, the universe of the unheard of! (Okay it legit took me like five minutes to think of that line… haha.) Thank you so much for your kind words and your thoughtfulness, Anna!