Got this neat little card over Official Postcrossing from Germany! This is a card advertising materials for teaching. The heading there reads as follows: “Teaching Europe: in a simple and entertaining way” (thanks to the sender for translating!) I’m looking at this card and right off the bat I see a Trojan warrior, a flamingo, and in the Atlantic Ocean I see an enormous bull going for a stroll like it’s a puddle or something. There’s also the person on the ladder painting the White Sea, but it’s a total mind game… because see, the ladder would need to be flat on the ground, yet that would put the map perpendicular to it. But enough of me being an utter killjoy – I can say I’m already entertained, and simply so! So kudos to the creators of the materials for that! By the way, on a side note – I have to confess that I’m quite easy to entertain. I recently played a game with my family where we all took turns throwing and catching a hat with each other using just our feet. What can I say – beats being on phones all day XD Thank you so much for this simple/entertaining postcard! And shouts out to all the teachers!