Got this Official Postcrossing postcard from Arkansas! This shows Hot Springs – I don’t just mean hot springs, I mean Hot Springs! (Those capital letters are important!) Hot Springs is located sort of in the center of the state. Oh, I should mention – Arkansas is a state in the US that’s northeast of Texas, and still a ways southwest of my state. Anyway, Hot Springs is home to Hot Springs National Park, also known as The American Spa. This national park is the oldest reserve of the National Park Service, and yes, there are uncapitalized hot springs there! As a matter of fact, what you see here is the Fordyce Bathouse visitor center, which used to be part of Bathhouse Row. Bathhouse Row is a set of 8 bathhouses in the city that were built between 1892 and 1923. All 8 of these competed with each other and offered some bangin’ thermal water services in their time. There are also thermal fountains around them, as you can see depicted on this card! Today, only a few of the buildings (including Fordyce Bathhouse) are open to the public, but you can definitely take some time to admire the notable architecture of them all. Thank you so much for the nice postcard, Lori!