This postcard came to me over Official Postcrossing from the Netherlands! This cards is titled “Misty Castle”… and I don’t actually know where this is located (or if it’s just an incredibly-designed picture). This is from, one of the most popular postcard emporiums online, known for their “Greetings from” cards. I have to say – this card is neat as heck, but how in the world would you get into that building? I mean MAYBE if it was the medieval times, you could catapult yourself and pray you get through the window holes. But an even BIGGER problem arises… if I lived here, how in the world would I order pizza? Oh, right – by catapult. Problem solved! (Talk about pizza tossing…) Thank you so much for sending this cool card to me, Elsa! (A postcard from Elsa of a secluded castle… now where have I heard that one before…?)