This card over Official Postcrossing found its way to me from Belarus! Here you see a cityscape of Minsk, the capital. Over there sort of on the right side is the National Library of Belarus. Fun fact: the shape of the main part of the building is a rhombicuboctahedron – so, if you looked down at it from a birds-eye view, you’d see an octagon, but this is only made up of squares and triangles. Shape names fascinate me so I figured I’d share my fascination with you! (Okay just get on with it, Tyler…) This library was founded in 1922 and started off with 60,000 books. The new building (what you see here) was constructed in 2002, and it now has about 9-10 million different media (that includes things like books, manuscripts, magazines, etc.) This multipurpose library also has served as a hosting ground for things like political summits, press conferences, and international forums. On top of that, it’s simply a really neat attraction for tourists to visit. The library gets a couple thousand visitors each day – we know they’re all saying how much they can’t wait to visit the enormous rhombicuboctahedronal bibliotheca! Thank you so much for sharing this really neat postcard with me, Makar!