This is a postcard that reached me from South Korea! This is a sketch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia. When you see Australia depicted in pop culture references (e.g. Finding Nemo), you’ll most likely see the Sydney Opera House and this specimen in the mix. This drawing is actually from the book “The Art of Urban Sketching”, which was created based on the blog titled “Urban Sketchers”. This is a community of people who share their sketches with one another. These people are artists from all over who sketch “on-location”, and it’s a super way to connect with those living in other places. So this one here is a work by Liz Steel, who has her own website (as I imagine many of these sketchers might have). Shouts out to Liz on her sketch that has now made it to another community of internationally linked friends! And a big shout out to Jieun of course for sharing this super cool postcard with me! Thank you so much, Jieun!