This lovely feline made its way to me from Finland! What you’re seeing here is the lynx – or, more scientifically speaking, the lynx lynx. I kid you not, the scientific name is literally “lynx” but written twice (it’s from the species “lynx” that comes from the genus “lynx”… hey, I’ll take simplicity any day). The lynx is a medium-sized wildcat (not quite at the tiger level but certainly bigger than Fluffy sitting in your house and playing with a ball of yarn) that can be picked out by the black tips on the ends of its ears and its short, poofy tail, both which can be seen here. Lynxes (which can also be pluralized as just “lynx”) have incredible vision and stellar hearing, so when they’re out hunting at night, they leave their NVGs and stethoscopes at home ’cause they will catch prey all on their own! In exchange for amazing senses, lynxes aren’t really fast. They prefer to sneak up on their prey rather than chase it down. Honestly I don’t know which would be more terrifying to be pursued by… glad I’m not a mouse, squirrel, rabbit or small bird (my not-so-subtle way of listing the types of prey). Despite the scary stuff, you’ve gotta admit that the lynx – especially this one here – is at least KINDA adorable. And I mean I had a mouse in my place at one point, so I could have recruited this fellow’s help. Thank you so much for this wonderful postcard!