Check out this postcard from Finland! The sender of this card is the same as the sender of the Superguineapig card with the lovely manga stamp, and she so kindheartedly sent me the other type of manga stamp on this card! (Which I’ll post in the comments). I have such a weak spot for anime/manga-themed stuff, I’ll tell ya. This postcard itself is a really neat one too – titled “Silent People”, it’s practically a whole village of scarecrows. Not gonna lie, some of them have a better fashion sense than I do. Granted, that bar is pretty low to begin with, but… anyway, thank you so much again for your kindness and thoughtfulness! (BTW, some of you might wonder why I awkwardly end without mentioning the name of the sender – it’s purely just a matter of respecting wishes of anonymity. And I’m just awkward in general, so yeah there’s that XD)