Not to brag but… I actually received TWO Åland meetup cards this year! The cool thing is that there were different designs of cards, so I didn’t get a duplicate! (Not that I would have been saddened at all by a duplicate though – I’m just moved by the thought that went into sending me a card from a meetup!) So on the boat that you see before you stands the flag of the Åland Islands (I think – one of the colors looks more white than yellow, so please feel free to correct me if I’m off, though it would make sense that it’s the Åland Islands flag) (EDIT: okay it looked white when holding the card, but definitely yellow on the screen). This flag is exactly like the Swedish flag, except it has a red Nordic cross on it. The Nordic cross is common in most Scandinavian countries’ flags (the exception is Greenland), and it’s representative of Christianity. So if you look at it sideways, you can see that it perfectly resembles a Christian cross. The Swedish flag “backdrop” was used to represent the historical relationship that the Islands have had with Sweden, and the red Nordic cross represents Finland (the red was drawn from its coat of arms). This card was also adorned with many colorful signatures and the remarkable Åland Postcrossing stamp! Thank you so much for your amazingly kind surprise, Kari!