Good day everyone! I wanted to let you all know that in two days, I will be doing another travel! I get to scratch off another visited country off my map here – the destination? To be revealed in tomorrow’s post! I will say that the trip will be a rather short one for me, but it’ll be with family as it is FOR family! (Speaking of family, no family members are allowed to guess, else you will be permanently banned from the page and on my postcard blacklist XD) I will try to see if I can send postcards but that will be dependent on how much time I spend [activity redacted as it relates to destination] and [also redacted for same reason]. I’m leaning towards “heck yes!!” but you know I need an escape clause ’cause y’know… that’s how I roll… but anyway, the subsequent posts for the next few days will be related to my travel to [super redacted because it’s the name of the destination], so expect to vicariously join me on a new adventure!