Today we got to go camel-riding! We did a morning expedition with Cabo Adventures where we got to ride camels along the beach, learn about cacti native to the area, and eat some very authentic-tasting Mexican cuisine! Our tour guide was hilarious and informative and the weather was breezy enough to make it not unbearably hot! Fun fact: when camels walk, they move both feet on one side with each stride, and their back foot steps where the front foot stepped. The reason for this is because their back feet are a little weaker and smaller – when the front foot compresses the sand, it makes it so that the back foot doesn’t sink when stepping! This is also useful for convoys of camels (if I may use that term haha) – the leader compresses the sand for the others so as to conserve energy, kinda like how NASCAR drivers draft. While I couldn’t show Pikachu with the camels for safety and company policy reasons, he is shown here at the site where we walked through and learned about cacti! Now it’s off for some dinner and a bonfire later – catch you all later!