Another one from Canada, same sender as the last two postcards from Canada! This one is of Sea World in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (in our correspondence Australia was brought up as the sender had been there, just to give a little context). Queensland is the second-largest state of the country, located in the northeastern part of it. The Sea World of Gold Coast is the place to go to if youwanna
1.) spend time with some cool marine critters and polar bears,
2.) watch water stunt shows,
3.) go on fun rides,
4.) meet Spongebob Squarepants.
Just looking at the website I can see there’s really a ton to do and see here. This is definitely not an aquarium and it appears to be much more than a theme park – this is like a Disney-level experience! (I’m totally practicing to be the spokesperson for Sea World, as you can tell.) And, as far as I know, there are no known dangers of sharks as is suggested by the bite mark on the corner of this card. (Should I include that in my marketing speech?) Thanks so much for all the wonderful postcards you’ve sent!