The sender of the Sinulog dancer card from the Philippines also sent me this cute card! This fellow here is Upcat. You might know his relative, Updog. “Tyler, what’s updog?” “Nothin’ much, what about you, dawg?” Oh how I yearn for the impossible world where people fall for my outdated jokes TT_TT Anyway, Upcat is actually UPCAT, which stands for the University of the Philippines College AdmissionTest. Naturally, it’s the admission test for the University of the Philippines, which is considered to be one of the country’s “Big 4”. The exam is five hours long and deals with the normal subjects: language, reading, math, and science. Roughly 10% of applicants pass each year, subsequently granting them admission into the university. It’s a big deal to say the least! On another note, the cat’s pose on this card somewhat mirrors the Oblation statue by Filipino artist Guillermo Tolentino (though I don’t believe that’s on the exam so don’t worry about writing that down). The UPCAT is usually administered in September, so I’m sure prospective applicants have already begun studying (assuming this is one you can study for?) If so, I wish you all the best of the luck! And thank you so much Luna for sending me this card as well, really appreciate your informative message!