Here’s an Official Postcrossing postcard from Germany! This card is representative of Asconi Winery, which is actually located in Puhoi, Moldova. Puhoi is kind of in the southeastern-ish part of the country. Where is Moldova, you may ask? If you know where Ukraine is, it’s a much smaller country south of it. I think of Ukraine as a brain – the “U-cranium”, if you will – which makes Moldova the hypothalamus. Anyway, this winery was founded in 1994, so it’s not super old (it’s younger than me, so, yeah…), but it does welcome tourists. Some of what’s produced here includes dry red, white, and rose wines, as well as dessert ice wines and fortified wines. I don’t actually know anything about wine or alcohol, so I’m relying heavily on my sources for the types of wines that are produced (forgive me!) But if I was to make a comment on the card itself, I would say that the colors are pretty! And I like fruit! Yeah I’m the kind of guy who comes home from a Major League baseball game with vivid memories of how the peanuts tasted and how well the mascot did the “running man”, with absolutely no recollection of the game itself. Now it’s a running joke in my family of how completely unknowledgeable I am about sports and alcohol (among other things that I’m more embarrassed to not know more about… like street names and car parts…) Anyway, enough of my w(h)ining – thanks so much for this lovely postcard, Michael!