Here is an Official Postcrossing card from Finland! Usually these kinds of cards are the ones that are simply aesthetically pleasing, and the admin of APFY can just slip it in with a three-sentence description and a medioocrely witty comment and call it a day… but there’s a bit more to this edible arrangement! These tasty-looking treats are Fazer Finlandia fruit jellies – or, for those who don’t use the term “fruit jellies”, they’re gummy candy! Fazer is a big-name Finnish company involved in food production, exporting to over 40 countries and employing people all over the Scandinavian countries (and Russia and Japan as well). One of the products they export is sweets: chocolates, licorice, biscuits (cookies for us American folk), etc. They also produce these gems you see here – Finlandia fruit jellies! These have been around for nearly as long as the company itself (the company was founded in 1891), and they come with five different flavors: apricot, blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry, and pear. Based on the colors of the fruit jellies here, I would say that all five made their appearance on this card! Now to make an appearance in my candy basket… thank you so much for sending me this super sweet card, Auroora!