Here’s card #2 of the stellar Russian trio! This is another really neat-o card featuring a wallpaper image titled “Man and Dog and Neon Space”. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the original artist – I think wallpaper artists often stay anonymous, huh? How ’bout it though – what a wondrous and perhaps eerie sight this is: a man standing before a majestic cosmic medley, taking in the overwhelmingly deep and colorful abyss, with the only wisp of familiarity being his best friend next to him, who is equally immersed in the surrealism. It’s kinda fun to attribute a story of my own to things like this – like, instead of doing research online, I do the research within the archives of my imagination library. I also get to use more cool vocabulary that way and thus establish myself more as an impressively intelligent being who is astoundingly humble and never exaggerates – never! What a spectacular piece of artwork – thank you so much again, Irina!