Check out this super cool double-view postcard from Finland! For the first time in a while, I had to photograph the pictures of this card since the scanner seems to just blend them together in a peculiar fashion. This is a view – no, TWO views – of Linnanmäki! This is an amusement park located in Helsinki (the country’s capital) that dates back to 1950. The first photo shows the 1950 version of the park; the second one (which is shown in the subsequent post) shows the 2018 version, a nice 68 years later! As you can see, one point of interest that underwent a heck of a change is Cafe Vohvelitehdas, where you can get personalized waffles topped with both sweet and savory morsels, while slurping down a delicious smoothie! (BTW I was looking at the places to eat at this park and holy Krimpets they have some AWESOME offerings!) The other specimen shown in the card is Vuoristorata, which is a roller coaster (in two ways, as the name literally means “roller coaster”) that opened a year after the park’s opening. It’s a wooden roller coaster that still utilizes brakemen to this day – that’s, someone who manually applies brakes on the cars. But don’t be put off by the seeming anachronism, folks! All parts of the roller coaster have been replaced at least five times since it’s creation, so it’s very well-maintained, as is the joy factor when you embark on a Vuoristorata ride! What a really neat amusement park this is – yes, I’m AMUSED! Thank you Ulli for making my day with this one!