I realize I have a lot of different “card parcels” i’m posting from (e.g. “this one’s card #2 from the anime card sender; “this one’s card #4 from the Canada card sender”; “here’s card #86 from the “Pictures of Potatoes” card sender”). But I can’t help it, people just love me so much that they fill up my mailbox like I fill up on fruit and cookies at work, like when they have meetings and stuff and like everyone at the meetings are so professional and task-oriented that they don’t even eat them, so they get left out in break areas for office grunts like me to pick at. I’m sorry, I’m in a bit of a state right now. Crocodile, folks! No, that was not a random exclamation – this card features one of the major villains – Sir Crocodile – from a very popular anime and manga series: One Piece! Crocodile is the longest-running antagonist in the series. He’s got an ear-to-ear scar on his face, and his left arm is replaced by a huge golden hook. Based on what I know, he’s a formidable son of a gun, even intimidating the sender of this card! I’ve never read or seen One Piece before, so I wouldn’t be able to do it justice by trying to explain more about Crocodile. But I can say finding out about him was well worth my nearly collective hour on Mobilefish trying to translate the text on the front. But I only translated the bottom, not the quote itself. Sorry guys. But to the sender – thank you so much for another bangin’ postcard!