I got this really beautiful map card from South Korea! I first and foremost admire this card for a certain highly commendable reason – it includes the entire Korean peninsula! As you can see, Korea has the alias of being “The Land of Morning Calm”, though the origins of that name are debated. One source states it was given the name “Chaohsien” (meaning, “freshness”) to denote the serenity of Korea’s nature; another states that ancient Korea already had the name of “Chosun”, which somewhat sounds like “Chaohsien”. Whatever the case is, it stands true that Korea has a number of immaculate sights to behold! My very first trip to a foreign country – as a 20-year-old, scrawny and naïve dude – was to this country! Specifically, I went to that mountain enveloped in flower petals down at the bottom called Jeju Island! That was an amazing experience on multiple levels! I have to say, I really really like this card and everything about it – it’s so colorful and cute, and really brings out the appeal! And I think it’s worthy to note that both South and North can be found on it. Thank you so much for the marvelous postcard, SooYoung! (FYI anyone who finds the NSFW landmark gets bonus points XD)