Check out this card I got from Canada! This one actually features some sight in the country of Turkey! It’s a pretty extensive multi-view card so let’s get down to biz-nace! (That’s how pretend-cool people say “business”.) In case you need a reference for where Turkey is on the map, BAM! Bottom center shows you, and even personifies this lovely nation. In the upper left we have Ölüdeniz, or Blue Lagoon, which is a beach in Turkey’s most southwestern province, Muğla Province. Below that is the wondrous Cappadocia, which I did a post about ( – so I get a skip on this one! Bottom left is… okay, the card literally reads “water-ski on the beach”. That’s a pretty conservative description for a photo like this! Unless “water-ski” is a term for tight bikini-clad ladies? Moving along… top center is Curetes Street of İzmir Province, which is one of the biblical streets located in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus. Many of the columns and such you see here were actually replacement structures taken from other fallen structures in the city after an earthquake in the 4th century. Top right is Alanya, or the “Turkish Riviera” (looking very much like the French Riviera of Nice, France), located in Antalya Province (to the east of Muğla). Below that is the Bosphorus, or the Strait of Istanbul, which separates the European and Asian parts of the country (as it is part of both continents!) Finally, Kurşunlu Waterfall is shown in the bottom right, which is found in Antalya Province. Phew! That was a lot! And I’m still perplexed about the water-ski… anyway, thanks so much for sending me this card and for all your kindness!