I’m happy to show off my first Official Postcrossing postcard from South Africa! I’m surprised it took me this long to get one considering the ID is at six digits. But I have one now, so no need to rue in perplexity! So South Africa, if you don’t know, is located exactly where the name suggests – the southernmost part of the continent of Africa. It’s one of two countries in the world that completely surrounds another country (which would be Lesotho). The other country is Italy (which has the Vatican and San Marino). Anyway, what you see here is a number of mountains providing a backdrop to Cape Town, one of the country’s capitals (yeah this country has THREE capitals). The card specifically points out Table Mountain, which was one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2011. Table Mountain is a flat-top mountain with 3 km of level terrain, and it’s considered to be the most iconic mountain in the country. People can take cable cars up to the top of it, or hike around it and spot some of the very diverse flora and fauna. Table Mountain – which got its name back in the 1500s due to its likeness of a table (that simple) – has a couple of buddies who are also in the Cape area. So the leftmost one here is Devil’s Peak; to the right and a bit further back is Table Mountain itself (you can just barely see the flat-top); then there’s a long tail called the Back Table; and up in the front is Lion’s Head. Together, along with the beautiful ocean and lovely city, make for an extraordinary aerial view. Thank you so much for sending me this magnificent postcard, Cathy!