Check out this Official Postcrossing postcard from Virginia! These kinds of touristy cards bring me a unique type of joy – an oddly vicarious nostalgia as if I collected postcards back in my single-digit days. This postcard is of Virginia Beach, located on the southeastern coast of the state, right at where the Chesapeake Bay in the north meets up with the Atlantic Ocean. Virginia Beach is not just a beach, though – it’s a full city, and the most populous one in the state at that! Virginia Beach is broken up into a number of different districts, each offering different experiences to its visitors. For example, there’s the Oceanfront resort area, offering nearly 5 km of beach, boardwalk and endless fun; then there’s the Chesapeake Bay Beaches north of the Oceanfront, which is a more quiet and relaxing experience; and then there’s Sandbridge Beach further south, another peaceful choice where one can explore the fruits of the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge by kayak and enjoy some good seafood (uh those are two separate things BTW – unless you like convenient fishy snacks while treading the waters). There’s also a number of inland districts where you can enjoy museums, entertainment, restaurants, and all the other joys of the city. With the powers of the districts combined (partial Captain Planet reference), Virginia Beach holds footing in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the longest pleasure beach in the world! (There’s 56 km of it, by the way!) As I used to say about places I highly regard – Virginia Beach is where it’s at! Thanks so much for this awesome card, John!