Behold this natural gem from Italy! What you guys see here is Lake Misurina, or Lago di Misurina, located near the commune of Auronzo di Cadore, which is found in the region of Veneto. It’s at the very top of the boot – right at the part that would chafe the back of your leg if you weren’t wearing long enough socks. But the unpleasant notions end there! This lake is known as the “pearl of the Dolomites” – if you’re not familiar with the Dolomites, it is the breathtaking mountain range you see here! It’s right in the center of the mountains, conceiving itself as the “pearl”. It’s also a pearl in the sense that it bears something of a rarity with its special microclimate! By that, I mean that the air is especially pure here, perhaps thanks to the altitude (1,756 meters above sea level), low humidity and low air pollution. Because of that, it’s home to the only childhood asthma care center in Italy! Lake Misurina is also a pearl simply in how beautiful it looks! I mean, if I didn’t know better, I could hold this upside-down and think the lake is the sky! Fun fact: y’know how the Italian bora has a legend? (I have a post about this.) So does Misurina! To concisely summarize it, a wise king named Sorapis went to fetch a magical mirror that his beloved but demanding granddaughter, Misurina, longed for. A witch held this item, and in order to take ownership of it, the king was told to sacrifice himself and become a mountain (which would later be Sorapiss, one of the mountains of the Dolomites). Sorapis did exactly that, and fathoming the sacrifice of her grandfather, Misurina cried and cried until the lake was formed. Well, Misurina – your tears are stunning, if it’s not wrong to say so! Thank you as always for your constant generosity and cherished friendship, Antonella!