Look at this cool self-designed Official Postcrossing postcard from Belgium! The sender faces the same woe that I do – hometown does not sell postcards (Whitehall doesn’t either – I have to use Allentown or Philadelphia). Borgloon is located in Limburg province, which is in the northeastern part of the country. While it might not be a very well-known town, it’s got some sweeeet sights! I was stunned by the one in the top-left – it’s a church called “Reading Between the Lines”. It was a product of collaboration between architects and Art Museum Z33, where you can see through the walls of the church from the surface, but when seen from above or below, it looks solid! The sunlight that goes through the walls looks soooo neat! Below this church on the card is St. Odulf church, a much older one dating back to the 12th century. To the right of that is a sculpture known as “De Strooplekker”, which features a boy with a pot of syrup on his head (not a top hat, as I originally thought) and pointing down at the ground to some spilled syrup. This is a symbol of the syrup industry that was once prominent in Borgloon. As for the other two photos… I’m not 100% sure what they are! But I got three out of five, which is a D-, and that’s still passing #bareminimum! Thank you so much for this sweet postcard, Karen! Well done!