I haven’t gotten this type of postcard in a while! This one features a road map of the Czech Republic! Specifically, this is of Prague, the capital of the country. Since the Czech Republic is known as “the heart of Europe”, and Prague being the heart of the Czech Republic, Prague is kind of by default like the heart city of the continent… or maybe like the aorta? Anyway, I have to admire how this card actually depicts the significant landmarks with an illustration of them rather than just a point, which kinda makes this a hybrid road/tourist map. Those networks of green, orange and red circles signify the metro lines that run through the city; the texts in red are some of the stops they make. The river that you see on here is the Vltava, the longest river in the country. The main bridge that crosses this is the Charles Bridge (Karlův Most), whose construction dates as far back as the 1300s. As you can imagine, “most” is the Czech word for bridge, however when I saw Most Legií below the Charles Bridge, I initially read it as “Most Legit”. I was like “they’re gettin’ really contemporary with their names here!” (By the way, that would be the Legion Bridge.) At any rate, this postcard IS legit, and I love it! Thank you Riek for always keeping me in your thoughts as you travel, you’re the greatest!