I received this postcard from Malaysia! This shows a night view of the town of Malacca, which is located around the southern portion of Peninsular Malaysia. If you’re not familiar with how Malaysia is set up, there are two main regions: Peninsular Malaysia (south of Thailand, connected to the main continent) and East Malaysia (joined with a part of Indonesia and Brunei on Borneo Island). So Malacca is in the former. Anyway, Malacca a the town in which the first European contact was made in the country, and to this day you can see the remains of such colonial settlement through landmarks such as forts, museums, and buildings like Christ Church Melaka (Malacca), a really unique church made primarily of red brick. Malacca is also known for it’s historically large Chinese population, and it contains a Chinatown and some really beautiful Buddhist temples, such as the oldest one in Malaysia (Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple). One of the most popular attractions here is the Malacca River cruise, the river of which you can see on this card. Malacca River used to serve as a trade route and was often known as the “Venice of the East” (which apparently was a name given to 39 other places in Asia too). Visitors can now take a 45-minute cruise here and enjoy the views of pretty much everything I mentioned above. That includes Hard Rock Cafe, which is actually very subtly shown here! Rock on, Malacca! And thank you for sending me this beautiful postcard, Carmen!