My brother’s second card to me is from Australia! This one is a multi-view of the Blue Mountains, a mountain range found in the state of New South Wales (southeastern part of the mainland, right above Victoria). This World Heritage Area contains 10,000 square km of natural beauty, in the forms of forests, canyons and waterfalls. As you can imagine, there are loads of activities that you can partake in here, such as hiking, rock climbing, and learning from guides about the Aboriginal history of the area. In the left panel is Mt. Wilson, which is popular for its gardens and stunning autumnal scenery (perhaps akin to the cherry blossom season in Japan?) At the top right is Govetts Leap, which offers an incredible lookout at waterfalls and a sprawling valley that extends maybe a *smidge* more than a leap’s distance. Finally, there are the Three Sisters, a rock formation at Echo Point lookout offering yet another magnificent view, as well as being the start to a number of hiking trails. Now for the big question: what is the meaning of life? Wait, no, the other big question: why are they called the Blue Mountains? As you can especially see in the bottom-right panel, it looks kinda blue, doesn’t it? I don’t think it’s particularly sad, so why blue? Without getting too technical, it’s a product of oil droplets in the air from the huge presence of eucalyptus trees, mixed with water vapors, particles in the air and sunlight. Eric you go to some fascinating places – AWESOME card! Thanks again for thinkin’ of me, ya glurbinfloober!