Check out this neat handmade postcard from Canada! This depicts a really cool (in a few ways) phenomenon that happened only about a month ago! While walking on the beach, a man and his wife came across thousands of these little “ice eggs” just sitting there by the shore! The beach this occurrence took place on was part of Hailuoto Island (okay that island begins with the word “hail”, so of course this would happen), which is on the western side of the country in the Gulf of Bothnia. As you can see, there are some small “eggs” and some rather large “eggs”, some which were claimed to be as big as footballs. Weather experts say that this phenomenon is a result of pieces of larger ice formations chipping off, then getting manhandled by the waves to make them rounder. With the help of cold weather and wind, the water continues to freeze on the ice pellets, making them even smoother until they end up on the shore, ready for agape-mouthed onlookers to admire and photograph. What a brilliantly unexpected sight to behold! Much earlier this year there was apparently a large “ice pancake” that formed on a Scottish river. Our ice breakfast is almost complete, just a matter of time before Jordan Creek of Whitehall, PA gets the first “ice bacon”. Thank you so much for making and sharing this really awesome postcard with me!