Here’s a hoot of an art card over Official Postcrossing from Belgium! This intriguing work of art was done by Cornelis Bloemart, a Dutch painter and engraver of the 1600s. We are bearing witness to an engraving titled “Two Owls Ice Skating”, and that is exactly that! First of all, I didn’t know that ice skating had existed for so long, but apparently the Dutch were the ones who added steel edges to skates back in the 1200s/1300s. So ice skates weren’t particularly even new by the time the 1600s rolled around! Now let’s admire these fine-looking owls and their colonial-style garments. And how about that mouse necklace? I guess you could say those mice are “engrave” danger. No? I’ll just skate on back home now. Thank you so much for sharing this cool postcard with me, Hilda!