Got another Canadian card to share! Lots of Canadian cards these days, I love it. We’re taking a trip today to Western Canada, which is defined as the provinces of (going west to east) British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Further east of that would be Ontario and Quebec – remember all of that for when the APFY pop quiz comes up.  And no, Canadians are not exempt from the quiz 😉 This card features the Canadian Prairies, which exist in all the Western Canada provinces except for British Columbia. Ironically, this would make the Canadian West more central than west since British Columbia is westmost, but I guess it is what it is. The Canadian Prairies – often shortened to “the Prairies” – are home to almost 90% of Canada’s usable farmland. It is here where you can find a more traditional lifestyle compared to that of many other places in the country, and vast crop and plant fields such as the barley field shown in the top panel of this card and the flax field in the bottom one. The Prairies are also a prominent player in wheat production and a humongous exporter of oil, nationally and internationally. The smaller panels on this card show a Prairie sunflower and “the vanishing farms”… I’m not certain on the vanishing farms, but it could be an homage to the decreases in farming activity due to people favoring more white-collar jobs. Nonetheless, the good ol’ prairie lifestyle still exists in these regions, and they’re all the more treasured! BTW – small shout out to Gohan from Dragon Ball Z, who made his way to the right side of this card too, glaring at the field of wheat ‘cause it has more yellow hair than he does. Thank you so much for all the neat cards you’ve been sending me, my Canuck friend!