Check out this Official Postcrossing card from Finland! What we have here is a work of art by Annikki Kanón-Aaltonen titled “Aian Takkaa”, which – per my assistants up in Google Translate – translates to “Fireplace”. There isn’t much about this painter that I can find… as a matter of fact, the only other things I can find are her (or his? I don’t even know the gender!) other works. Likely, that might be all I need to write a post! Many of their (hah I have to use unisex terms) works have a similar feel to this – the use of warm colors, the high visibility of brushstrokes, etc. Would this style be considered expressionism? To all my art major viewers – I demand to know! Er I mean – please feel free to comment on how you would categorize this style! Jokes aside, I get a solemn, lonely vibe from this painting. I at first thought it might be someone sitting inside of a bus, passing through the country into the city. With the name of the painting though I’m wondering if the red actually represents literal fire. But at any rate, the faceless silhouette really adds to the melancholic feel of the painting. And for that reason I really like this one. Is it weird to like art pieces that make me feel somber? Art major viewers, that’s your cue again! Thank you lots for choosing this postcard for me, Tuula!