Here is a cute Official Postcrossing postcard from Russia! This adorable little work is titled “Small Journey”, an art piece done by Russian illustrator Daria Danilova. Daria does illustrations and graphic design pieces, including those used for games, applications, and paper goods. She also founded an online stationery store “So Quiet” and the graphics shop “Yeticrab”, both which feature some remarkable and creative works. Her works could be described as warm and a little whimsical, with an appreciation for little joys. I can admire the use of patterned material in this one – it portrays a nature scene full of newness and excitement where one might otherwise see it as mundane. The colors are quite easy on the eyes without being any bit dull, giving a sense of pureness and warmth. And then of course there are the cute little elephants, happily trotting along the hillside and serving as an adorable focal point to a peaceful “other” world. Is it even possible to frown while looking at this? That’s rhetorical, the obvious answer is no! Love this card! Thanks so much for choosing it for me!