Check out this Official Postcrossing card from Poland! We’re met with Panthera tigris tigris, a.k.a. the Bengal tiger! The Bengal tiger is one of the two most common subspecies of tiger – the other being the Siberian tiger. Bengal tigers are remarkably beautiful in my opinion, with their vibrant orange fur with black stripes that are actually also the same color as their skin! Tigers’ stripes are like our fingerprints: every set is unique. Bengal tigers’ natural habitat is tropical rainforests, and most reside in India (with some in other southeastern Asian countries too). This is probably the greatest difference between them and Siberian tigers, who live in colder climates and thus have thicker coats of fur. Unfortunately, the worldwide population of the Bengal tiger is quite low, at fewer than 2,500 remaining. Bengal tigers have a hunting style that I think is akin to that of the lynx, which I talked about nearly a year ago. They don’t have a ton of stamina/speed, so they instead use stealth to take down their prey. Said prey includes deer, wild boar, and water buffalo. Don’t be a deer, boar or buffalo, folks. Reincarnate wisely. What an awesome card, thank you so much for sending it to me!