We’re comin’ in with a stunning shot of Vancouver from Canada! Vancouver is the most populous city in its province (British Columbia) and third-most in the country (behind Toronto and Montreal). It’s located in the southwestern corner of Canada, right by the border of the United States – specifically, the state of Washington (which also has a city by the name of Vancouver, but it’s not exactly close to the Canadian Vancouver). As is made clear from this cool photo, Vancouver is a seaport city. Because of its location, it’s a good area for recreational activities and seafood. Vancouver is surrounded by water and mountains, so if you’re looking to go hiking, biking, camping, fishing, boating – yeah you know, the whole shebang – then this is the spot! And to speak more about the fishing… Vancouver is known especially for its salmon, which is shipped to places all around the world. One of the villages within it – Steveston Village – even hosts a salmon festival each year where they grill over 500 kg of salmon! That might even be enough to feed me if I go there… hope they’ll cook more for the other people! Oh, and you won’t only find cooked salmon here – sushi restaurants are also a popular commodity here #CravingsTriggeredRN. On this card, you can see a green plain behind the downtown area – that’s Stanley Park, one of the other things that Vancouver is known for. But wait, why do I feel like I’ve heard of Stanley Park before? ‘Cause I received a card from the same sender of it! See my post here – https://apostcardforyou.com/2019/06/who-can-blame-em/! And, while we’re at it, how ‘bout some info on Vancouver Library, also from the same sender? https://apostcardforyou.com/2019/05/bookhome/ Thank you soooo much for always spoiling me with awesome cards like this!