Here’s a card I got from an old pen pal from China! This is a scene from the 2006 film “Pursuit of Happyness”, featuring the true story of Chris Gardner, who is played by Will Smith. I remember watching this in… 2010, I think? I watched it in my personal finance class, and the feels from it have stayed with me to this day! It’s a film about businessman Chris Gardner, who faces numerous challenges with his career and ends up in a period of homelessness with his son Christopher (who is played by a very young Jaden Smith!) This is just one of the many touching scenes from the movie. I won’t spoil how it concludes, but I will tell you that the real Chris Gardner makes a cameo at the end, which I didn’t even know until today. It’s not often that I receive postcards of movies I’ve actually watched, but it looks like I got lucky the day I received this one. HIGHLY recommend the film! Thank you so much for sending me this wonderful card of an amazing movie!