Sooooo I got spoiled with some rad Inge Löök cards sent from my dear friend in Finland – four to be exact! So you’re gonna get four Inge Löök posts thrown at you – enjoy! I know I will – it’s very light on the research, after all. Jeez, if I keep complaining about the research you’re gonna think I’m a total lazy bum. Which (sarcasm switch: on) is completely untrue, y’know. Anyway, these are all part of the Aunties series, and this first one is postcard #43. Mind you, these don’t have names assigned to them, but I think there’s value in them being unnamed (for as creative as Inge Löök is, I’m sure this was intentional). In this one, the Aunties are blowing bubbles, which descend gently down the side of the cliff. There’s a castle out in the distance, which kinda adds to the magic of the bubbly spectacle. As such, the Aunties always seem to find magic in every moment, blissfully enjoying them with a timeless sense of youth. Thank you for bringing such magic to my mailbox and, well, my life, Ulli!