This postcard came to me from Scotland! This one is a sunset (the card reads “sunset” on the back, so I know for sure it’s a sunset and not a sunrise) over Kirkwall Bay of the Orkney Islands. The Orkney Islands is an archipelago off the northern coast of mainland Scotland, sitting in the North Sea. As a reminder, an archipelago is a cluster of islands – Orkney contains 70, and the majority of them are uninhabited! Those that have been inhabited, though, have been so for a crazy long time. There’s evidence of the presence of humans as far back at the 6000s BC! As such, the islands are like a gold mine for ancient sites. The sight shown here – Kirkwall Bay – is found in the largest city of the islands: Kirkwall, located on the largest island (Mainland). Kirkwall is the service center for the islands and is known for its manufacturing specialties, to include boatbuilding and whisky production. And actually, if you type “Kirkwall Bay” into the search engine, you’ll get nothing but returns about whisky. These islands are a treat for tourists, despite often being overlooked! Thank you so much for sending me this cool postcard!