This postcard came to me from Russia! This is somewhat of a shaped card featuring a drink of northern Russia – cranberry kvass! I had no idea what a “kvass” was… and apparently Microsoft Word recognizes the word, so between the two of us it wins the vocabulary test. Kvass is a type of Slavic/Baltic beverage that is made from rye bread. So, cranberry kvass would be this type of drink with cranberries mixed in! Though fermentation does occur, this is actually not considered to be an alcoholic drink. Based on how it’s prepared and the temperatures it’s subjected to, the alcohol formation can be halted while retaining the vitamins and probiotics from the cranberries, making for a healthy drink! General consensus is that this drink is a little bit tart, which I think makes sense given that cranberries are tart. I’d share more about the recipe given on this card, but it’s all in Russian. I was able to use Wikipedia to find characters from the Russian alphabet in order to come up with the name of the drink… and that’s about the extent of my duties XD Thank you so much for this postcard!