I received this Official Postcrossing card from Indonesia! This was back in a time when the Postcrossing IDs for Indonesia were only at five digits. Now they’re at like 20. Okay that was an exaggeration. This one here shows a sight that I’ve talked about a number of times AND have visited myself – Borobudur! Feel free to check out my 2014 post (https://www.facebook.com/apostcardforyou/photos/a.217135375146867/255404214653316/) and my 2019 one (https://apostcardforyou.com/2019/05/festival-lampion-borobudur/) for a bit of basic info on this lovely temple. My 2019 post talks about the stupa and the Buddha statues that are within them – this card shows what one looks like when not surrounded by the wall of a stupa. Fun fact: I have a souvenir stupa! I got it from my 2015 trip there, and it sits on one of my display shelves. Oh, I should probably mention that it’s not to scale. Another fun fact: the stupa can be taken off to reveal the statue! I checked it out just now, and it appears that I had the Buddha inside facing the wrong way. This is why I’m not in charge of real-life architecture and construction. Thank you bunches for sending me this postcard!