Card #3 comin’ right up! I believe this is part of a sort of pin-up postcard series featuring ladies clad in traditional adornments. I see this kind of postcard requested in Postcrossing profiles here and there and admittedly they’re a kind of overlooked series! This one especially stands out to me as the floral patterns on the clothing are complemented by the cherry blossoms in the background. There’s also the traditional-style abode in the background, though it’s all given a contemporary flare with the ladies’ coats and gloves. On top of that, the art style is indicative of something you’d see in the mid-1900s, which I guess is what gives it that pin-up look. And that’s your analysis from APFY central (but don’t worry, I don’t… uh, analyze… pin-ups frequently, I swear it!) Thank you loads for this lovely postcard