We’re only past the halfway point on these cards from China, folks! Here is #4, featuring the beloved giant panda! I did a post back in 2016, which you can check out here – https://www.facebook.com/apostcardforyou/photos/a.217135375146867/469993756527693/?type=3&theater. This was back when I was somewhat funny apparently, so I made sure to include a joke about how I’d love to reincarnate as a panda… though that much has stayed the same (wanting to be a panda has stayed the same, I mean – not being funny). Anyway, I figured I throw a little more panda trivia at you guys. Fun fact: there is evidence of panda population dating back over a million years ago! This is told by – as you can imagine – panda fossils, which I find hard to imagine ‘cause y’know… I think of dinosaurs when I hear the word “fossils”. Fun fact: though pandas have a vegetarian diet, their teeth are that of a carnivore’s! it’s said that this is linked to their prehistoric existence, but now they don’t have to chase after their food. And they wouldn’t, because they don’t have the energy to do so. They just sleep and eat, all day. You wanna know why there’s no Year of the Panda despite pandas being a thing in China? My theory: when they had the race for the Chinese zodiac order, they asked the panda, and the panda was like “nah, I’m good; you guys have fun though”, and went about its day without another care in the world. Pandas ain’t got time for running. Not when there’s bamboo growing at nearly a meter per day that needs to get eaten. No siree. Pandas are awesome. Thank you so much for sending me this adorable postcard!