Card #3 from the Malaysian anime bundle! This here is from a movie titled “King of Prism”, which is part of a series known as Pretty Rhythm. I’ve never watched Pretty Rhythm, but I can tell it’s a lot like the Aikatsu! series (which I’ve briefly talked about before… and will talk about again in days to come!) Pretty Rhythm is an arcade game with idols who dance, sing and figure skate, and they can do these signature moves known as Prism Jumps that are really cool and flashy. There are a bunch of anime series loosely based off of the game, which have live performances (CG animations of the otherwise 2-D characters) that are very similar to the game. So anyway, this movie is based off of some of the supporting characters in the third animated series, Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live. Just like Aikatsu!, this is a long series, but I can only imagine it’s a similarly feel-good show. Thank you bunches for this, Jane!