Here is a postcard from Italy! Featured here is the village of Sexten (Sesto, in Italian), located in the province of South Tirol, in northern Italy. The backdrop for this village is the Sexten Dolomites – actually, I don’t even know if “backdrop” is the right word… given the mountains’ proximity to the village, it’s more like a backyard! If you were to visit here, you’d be privy to two very different experiences, depending on if you go in the summer or in the winter. You might be able to guess the season shown in this card (intentional understatement :P). So let’s talk a bit about a winter in Sexten! For starters, when you combine mountains with winter, you know there’s ALWAYS gonna be snow activities – skiing, sledding, hiking, etc. Looking to do something within the village? You can always visit the St. Peter & Paul parish church, which is center stage on this card, as well as the Nativity Scene Museum (one of three in South Tirol) and the Rudolf Stolz Museum (featuring over 160 works of art by South Tirolean artist of that name). Oh, and something quite unique to Sexten – it’s around here that you can visit the country’s only herd of reindeer! Visitors can even come by and attend the reindeer feedings – a joy for both the bipeds and the quadrupeds! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely look at the Dolomites and for all your kindness always, Antonella!