This Official Postcrossing card from Florida is a total beaut XD To lay out a bit of context – as some of you know, in my Postcrossing profile I mention that I am from Mars (I’m not catfishing for extraterrestrials, I swear it *nervously looks around*). So the sender here shared with me a “greetings from” card of Earth! The captions within the letters are priceless, and the text on the back sings the praises of this lovely planet, and goes on to state that it’s home to “one of the strangest animal species in the galaxy – Humans” XD If I could step outside of my own human body and truly be the Martian I claim to be, maybe I could see how starkly different humans are from other animals – how they exhibit a variety of emotions, how they do things just for fun, how they wear clothes and makeup, how they survive by exchanging credits obtained from doing specific tasks for a third of the day. Humans are indeed kinda funny, aren’t they? But y’know what – that’s quite all right. There are so many Earthlings in my life that just absolutely rock. Like you all! Thank you for being a part of my life journey! Can’t wait for my dual interplanetary citizenship! And to the sender – thank you for sending me this neat and humorous postcard!