Here’s a lovely Official Postcrossing card from the United Kingdom! This card features the Choose Love Movement, or the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, which is a nonprofit organization that offers social and emotional learning programs to students, ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. In other words, they focus on teaching children how to “choose love” as part of their lifestyle, based in a formula comprised of courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion-in-action. Watched the video on the site (which you can see at – really wonderful how they teach things like compassion and resilience to those who are progressing through adolescence, arguably one of the most emotionally-sensitive times in a person’s life. Something in particular that the speaker on the video said really intrigued me (I’ll paraphrase): “there are two types of people: good people, and good people in pain”. Really resonated with me. I know there are always so many tragic things going on in the world, but it’s uplifting to know groups like this exist to help our up-and-coming generations become leaders in love. Thank you for sending me this postcard!