Lemme get some pizzaaaaa! This postcard is from Spain! This is part of a typographic postcard series created by Harald Geisler, a typographer based in Frankfurt, Germany. This series bears the theme of using keys of a keyboard to convey a design, as inspired from another work of his: the Typographic Wall Calendar, which is a usable calendar consisting of only keyboard keys (check it out, it’s mind-bogglingly cool). As for the postcard series itself, the Typographic Postcards project began via Kickstarter, where a new postcard design would be created after the project received funding up to a certain point, and so on. The designs are all pretty similar to this – very simple, but with endless charm. They contain words or phrases such as “cake”, “reading”, or “I miss you”, and they sometimes have unique backdrops. Like this one, where a pizza was eaten just prior so that the box could be used! (Would’ve definitely volunteered for that job…) The Official Postcrossing blog has a lovely article on Harald’s works that can be found at https://www.postcrossing.com/blog/2015/06/12/typographic-postcards. They cite the vibe of these postcards as “vintage-yet-techie”, which I think is the perfect description for them. This card is quite the curiosity – and I adore it for that. Even though it makes me very hungry! (My keyboard lookin’ mad delicious right now…) Thank you lots for this awesome card and for all your kindness, Blanca!