Oh boy here we go with this one XD Crayon Shin-chan found his way to me from The Netherlands! The senders selected the strangest anime card in their collection… and they succeeded in winning my laughs the day I found this in my mailbox XD In short, the irreverent Shin-chan here has used that crayon to draw an elephant around his – dare I say – “nether lands”. For anyone not familiar with Crayon Shin-chan, he is the star of a Japanese manga series of the same name, and an anime adaption with over a thousand episodes. He’s largely known for his inappropriate humor, including the showing of his rear (which happens VERY frequently), as well as something called the “Mr. Elephant dance” (which was removed from the Indian version of the anime). Can you guess what that dance entails? Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s doing here, given the markings to indicate motion on the sides of him. Shin-chan’s got abysmal manners… but he’s arguably one of the greatest comedians of all time XD I really need to frame this card or something. This is gold right here LOL. Thank you so much Stella, Isa, Caro & Lotte for injecting an elephantine amount of humor into my day with this one, and for all your kindness!