This is an Official Postcrossing card that arrived from Canada! This photo was taken by the sender in Toronto, and then made into a postcard! The clarity of the photo is unreal to me – like, even with my DSLR I feel like I can’t achieve this kind of resolution (that’s right, I have a DSLR #BoycottThePhoneCams). Beauty of the photo itself aside, check out that graffiti art! I’m inclined to even call it a “mural” over “graffiti art” – like darn, dude! In thinking about it, I suppose graffiti artists have an extra disadvantage that other artists don’t have – the inability to expend their “canvas” if something doesn’t turn out right. You can crumple up and toss out a paper – you can’t exactly toss out a wall. I’m sure you could paint over it or whatever as a failsafe measure… but ain’t nobody got time for that. My hats off to the graffiti artists of the world! And the same hats off to you, Jim, for creating this wonderful card and sharing it with me!