Here is an Official Postcrossing card from Russia! This is a work of art featured at The State Museum of the History of Religion, located in Saint Petersburg. This museum was opened in 1932 and contains around 200,000-250,000 exhibition pieces, dating as far back as ancient times. The focus of the museum is to share about belief systems of all kinds and the roles they played in cultures of all eras – it’s not partial to one religion or another. There are exhibits on Isalm, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, African religions, and even religions from the earliest human civilizations (i.e. Mesopotamia). I’m not sure what the title of this one is (it’s not mentioned on the card), but my guess would be that it’s part of the “Religions of the Orient” exhibit, based on the art style. Thank you so much for sharing this card with me and for all your kindness, Irina!