About the Sender

New York City, 2018

Hey everyone! I’m Tyler, the founder of this project (“founder” sounds so cool and official doesn’t it?) I’m a curly-haired and slightly idealistic ambassador of Mars who loves traveling the world, playing boatloads of video games, writing stories and then stopping a third of the way through, chain-watching anime, contemplating life’s mysteries, tasting great food, and making the best of this bangin’ gift called life!

I started sending postcards around May of 2013. While I absolutely love receiving postcards, sending them has always been something I’ve been passionate about. I love how easy it is to turn a piece of cardstock into a treasure for someone continents away! I can pick a neat card, stick a cool stamp, add my personal touch with decorations and a message, and finally have my country give it an authentic postmark! (It’s like a national notary!) The project stems from a realization some time ago that my life is indeed impermanent. I no longer wanted my personal standard to be to just live for myself. I thus realized the value in sharing with and igniting happiness in others! So I started this project as one of the ways to do just that!

So now that you’ve read my cheesy autobiography, go ahead and request a postcard! Or check out some of the sweet cards I’ve received! Or check out some of the other content! Go nuts! Every day’s a party on APFY!